Hudson & Clark


Hudson & Clark

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          Before the Cigar Box String Band…

                           there was Hudson & Clark.

1914218_4886467525194_1288140251_n[1]      Carson Studio

       Carson Hudson and Arden Clark  had been playing separately in different  venues for years before they met and discovered that they were both approaching music from different angles.  

     From a very early age, Arden had been professionally trained on the violin and had inherited a love of any and all stringed instruments, both foreign and domestic. She enjoyed Classical and Baroque music. Since then she had progressed into Japanese Koto, Celtic music, and Sea Shanties.


Arden playing her Koto.


      Carson also shared a love of stringed instruments, but had been trained by less than professional mentors. As a teenager he dabbled in Rock & Roll, the Blues, and Southern Baptist Hymns. Since then he’d regressed back into the roots of those music genres.


     When they began to play together they found that they could compliment each others style, creating some interesting music. Since that time they have been successfully delighting audiences throughout Virginia, with their music and stories.


       IMG_6704     Hudson & Clark 9-19-2015

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     Today, they perform educational programs and music for receptions, school groups, museum audiences, historical reenactments, barn dances, and small house parties.

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