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Cigar Box String Band

do for you?

      In years past, Americans enjoyed music in ways that are forgotten today. Even without radio, television, boom boxes, or iPods, music was everywhere. Wherever people gathered, they would play and sing the popular songs of the day…  a practice that seems to have disappeared except at Christmas, when we sing carols together.

The Cigar Box String Band has made it a mission

to bring music alive again at public gatherings.

We can play Old-Time music

for any happy occasion!

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We also perform concerts and educational programs for a variety of audiences, at schools & colleges, museums, historic sites, community events, etc..

Here are our some of our offerings:

  • The Civil War in Seven Songs: Stories and music that tell of patriotism, bravery, sacrifice, and freedom during the time when we were at war with ourselves.

  • American Folk Instruments & their Sounds: An entertaining program presenting several American folk instruments, their story & sounds. Learn about Guitars, Banjo, Fiddles, Dulcimers, Harmonicas, Jews Harps, & more!

  • Hard Times!  The music of Stephen Foster’s America. What does Doodah really mean?

  • Banjo on  My Knee: The history of the Banjo in America, from the earliest days in the hand of slaves to its 20th Century entry into Bluegrass and Country Music. We demonstrate and play popular music from the 18th century to the present.

  • Outside the Box: 150 Years of Cigar Box Instruments and Music. Homemade  instruments have been played in America since the earliest days of our country, but it was the lowly wooden cigar box that became part of a folk music tradition, beginning before the Civil War, continuing through the Depression, and having a revival today.

    Listen to a Cigar Box fiddle!

  • The Great American Sing Along!  Americans used to gather together and sing! Why not join the band in an entertaining program of classic American music that everyone can sing along with. Learn history and have fun at the same time!

  • A Back Porch Christmas Ruckus! What could be more fun than singing old-time Christmas music with the Cigar Box String Band? You’ll have fun and learn secret stuff about all those childhood Christmas Carols!

    Listen to a Back Porch Christmas Carol!